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Glenn Davis Kirwin was among those killed in the 9/11 WTC attacks

GTMO Hearing Perspectives from 9/11 Victims' Families

Today,16 December, saw the press meet with the families of victim of the 9/11 attacks, here at GTMO to witness the pre-trial motions of the U.S. Government versus the alleged five key perpetrators.

COL John H. Grote, Jr. is an active duty Army Colonel who was severely injured in the attacks on the Pentagon.  He was interviewed in March of 2012 by the prosecution team where he detailed his injuries.  He suffered from 3rd degree burns on his head and upper back.   He currently resides in Springfield, Virginia. 

Today, Colonel Grote expressed his frustration that the legal process – the path towards prosecution -- has changed so many times and expressed his hope that the process will move quickly from this point forward.  He is “very upset to see all the motions on the docket” and the delaying tactics that will delay the proceedings.  He remains concerned that the process will be further politicized and that justice will not be served.

Paul Kirwin lost his son, Glenn Davis Kirwin, who was a partner at Cantor Fitzgerald.  He is chairman of the fund for Connecticut’s 9/11 Living Memorial at Sherwood Island Park.  In December 2009, Kirwin was one of a group of family members who asked the Manhattan Federal Court Second Circuit Court of Appeals to force the city to move tons of Ground Zero debris from the Staten Island landfill to a proper burial site.

Mr. Kirwin, who was last at GTMO as a Marine in 1952, said that he is here today to see personally the five accused and to gain a sense that the trial operations are transparent.  He expressed satisfaction in seeing a trial venue that is secure from outside threat.  While seeking a trial that provides a fair defense, he expressed concern that unending defense motions and defendant commentary will further delay deliberations that have taken far too long to date.  “We want to see this done.  There is no closure, we are looking for justice.”

Gina Cayne lost her husband, Jason (Jake) David Cayne, who worked as a bond trader for Cantor Fitzgerald on the 104th floor of the north tower.  In 2003, Gina started the Jason David Cayne Foundation – specifically for families in Monmouth, NJ her hometown, who had lost a spouse suddenly.  In six years, the foundation raised more than $300,000 and provided counseling and pro bono legal and financial advice to more than 60 families.

Ms. Cayne expressed her frustration at the time that it has taken to get to this point.  “It is way too long, it is not fair for the families….  this [trial] should have happened ten years ago.”

Jamie Hargrave, Jr. lost his brother, Timothy J. (T.J.) Hargrave, Vice President of Cantor Fitzgerald.  T.J. had seven older siblings, a wife, three children, and countless friends.  In order to spend more time with his daughters (Corinne, Casey, and Amy), he learned how to play soccer and later became a coach. When the first plane hit on September 11th, he called his wife, Patricia Hargrave, and told her something terrible was happening and to call him on his cell phone.  She never got through.

As to his opinion on what should happen to the accused should they be found guilty, Mr. Hargrave expressed his belief that the death penalty is “too easy for these guys… it raises issues of martyrdom.  I’d like to see them live a long life in a small cell.”

Bob and Elaine Hughes lost their son, Kris Robert Hughes, a Vice President for KBW, on the 89th floor of WTC tower 2.  A native of Nesconset, NY, Kris was an avid sportsman. 

Mrs. Hughes expressed her frustration over the lack of media attention to the 9/11 hearings, wondering aloud why the deliberations are attracting so little attention.  Mr. Hughes said that that expressed his desire to see the death penalty, saying: “we want to see a fair trial, but 100% support the death penalty.”

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