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Marine Corps Security Force Company - Securing GTMO Operations

Marine Corps Security Force Company (MCSFCO) GTMO conducts continuous security operations along shore side perimeter and directed water side approaches between Naval Station Guantanamo Bay and Cuba in order to allow GTMO to conduct advanced naval base operations.  MCSFCO GTMO conducts training support in order to facilitate Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team (FAST) Companies Pre-Deployment Training Program Training Program objectives.   

(1)  Marine Corps Security Forces Company operation enables Naval Station Guantanamo Bay to conduct advanced naval base operations without interference.

(2)  Each FAST Marine is highly trained in infantry skills, physical security, urban combat techniques and martial arts. Their overall mission is to detect, deter and defend against threats, focusing on anti-terrorism.

(3)  Marine Corps Security Force Company tasks include maintaining continuous observation of the perimeter, providing reaction forces on both Windward and Leeward sides, conducting shore-side screening and reconnaissance and conducting checkpoint operations for the repatriation of Cuban nationals.

(4)  The Marine Corps Security Force Company helps to facilitate military-to-military collaboration along the fence line which includes fence line meetings, transfer of remains, transfer of property of deceased special category residents, and disaster preparedness drills.

(5)  There are six Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team (FAST) Companies within the Marine Corps Security Force Regiment.

(6)  Fleet anti-terrorism security teams were established in 1987 and are part of the United States Marine Corps Security Force Regiment in Norfolk.

(7)  Marine Corps Security Force Regiment participates in the FAST Deployment Program (FDP) which provides to select naval forces and installations overseas, forward deployed FAST platoons on seven month unit deployments.

(8)  There are eight deployed FAST platoons year round. Pacific Command, Central Command, and European Command combatant commanders all have a FAST Company Headquarters with two deployed FAST Platoons from the Security Force Regiment.

(9)  The FAST platoons are deployed to Marine Corps Security Force Company Guantanamo for 90-day rotations to perform the fence line security mission, along with other related security and contingency missions.