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EL-GO TEAM Bringing Advanced Security Solutions to the U.S. Market


ASIS Security Conference, Atlanta, GA
October 2014

As terrorist threats have escalated since the events of 9/11 and security has become the everyday concerns of not only governments but also private companies and citizens, real world requirements for cost-effective, minimally intrusive yet highly-effective security solutions have escalated accordingly and industry has responded to the challenge.

Founded in 1982, and today with 25 employees and sales representatives in 18 cities around the globe, El-Go Team has been a leading developer and manufacturer of security, access control systems, and anti-terror protection systems for an ever-widening range of government and civil customers internationally.  

According to El-Go Team Owner, Founder, and General Manager David Hever, the core focus of his company remains on the development, manufacture and provision of a wide variety of physical security products designed to prevent the intrusion of unwanted vehicles and personal into secured compounds.  These products include anti-crash bollards, buried/retractable barriers, high security arm barriers, spike systems, computerized control systems, and advanced turnstiles.  

If your idea of physical security barriers centers around iron bars and concrete-filled planters, view in operation and ponder El-Go Team’s Optimus Wedge barrier, a shallow-mounted barrier system more than capable of stopping a 6.8 tonne truck moving at 50 mph – the so-called K-12 certification -- and then able to reset and function as if nothing happened. 

Or, if personnel security is your mission, ponder El Go Team’s new STS01 security turnstile, which can work in tandem with a metal detector, explosives detectors, or an x-ray detector in its main control unit and can, when necessary, lock and restrain an intruder/threat for closer inspection. 

While El-Go Team’s exact client list is understandably sensitive, Mr. Hever notes that his company’s patented physical security products can be found protecting high-value government and civilian facilities – including U.S. military bases -- in more than twenty nations including Afghanistan, Ethiopia, India, Jordan, Kenya, Russia, and Singapore. 

Looking Ahead 

As the company enters its forth decade, El-Go Team is significantly expanding both its world class product line and its geographic focus to address customer demand for advanced technology.  

On the first count, El-Go Team’s new Metis and BLG05-S shallow-mounted retractable bollards – the latter with the critical “K-12” certified capability – address customer demands, unmet until now, to stop the largest and fastest threat vehicles without using the more obtrusive wedge barriers described above. 

With BLG05-S El-Go Team has recently overcome the challenge of complying with what seems to be a typical US market requirement in protecting premises located in cities where infrastructure prevent usage of other than shallow mounted retractable bollards still capable to stand the high standard of “K-12.” 

Perhaps more significantly, as it reflects a significant broadening of the company technology and market focus, El-Go Team has recently introduced the 3D Under Vehicle Inspection System (3DUVIS).  As illustrated in a demonstration video here, the 3DUVIS offers a rapid scan and threat assessment capability suitable for all vehicles types without any need for personal intervention.  

Working with an License Plate Recognition) camera, a hi-res color undercarriage footprint of each vehicle passing over the lightweight, mobile 5x2-1 3DUVIS mat – at speeds of up to 30 mph -- is captured and automatically stored in the 3DUVIS database system by license plate number -- in addition to driver and vehicle images.  The 3DUVIS can handle up to twenty cars per minute and operate day or night, rain or shine, in temperatures ranging from 15F to 130F.  

According to Mr. Hever: “These new products – the bollards and the 3DUVIS development -- reflect the technology orientation, innovative culture and spirit of El-Go Team.” 

In the second regard, El-Go Team is now keenly focused to bringing its products and successes to the U.S. market.  While the company estimates that 10% of its sales come from the U.S., El-Go Team has not, until now, focused strategically on marketing in America.  As Ron Meitar, El-Go Team’s Vice President for Marketing and Sales explained to DSJ at last month’s ASIS security expo: “The U.S. government and civilian markets demand the most advanced security technology.  We see the U.S. market as a very challenging and competitive market, and we intend to address it frontally by a new strategic thrust.”