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DSJ @ Conference


Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) News

Tony Davis - Insights on SOCOM S&T Directorate

SOFIC 2016 Conference Agenda

SOCOM Looking For Technology From Foreign Firms

SOCOM Commander: Special Operations Forces Must Adapt as Threats Increase

Big special operations conferences in Tampa this week

USSOCOM outlines acquisition circle of love



AUVSI's Unmanned Systems Defense 2015

Ground Day - DSJ Highlights

Air Day - DSJ Highlights


GEOINT 2015 

Space News Coverage of GEOINT 2015 Symposium

Space News reports that the Geoint 2015 Symposium (June 22-25 in Washington DC) features the usual heavy hitters including the directors of the National Reconnaissance Office and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency  plus a number of other speakers and sessions of interest to a space-focused audience.

-- TerraGo to Showcase Collaborative Geospatial and GPS Technologies at GEOINT 2015

-- Spaceknow set to Launch an Intelligence-as-a-Service Product at GEOINT 2015 and announces CloudEO as new cooperation partner

-- Haystax Technology Demonstrates Next-Generation Insider Threat Detection at GEOINT 2015



Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC)

SOCOM Leadership identifies material needs

The current Special Operations Commanders from each of the Military Services outlined at SOFIC 2015 their perspectives on the capabilities and solutions that they need from industry.  While there was an expected focus on smaller, faster, cheaper, there were some unconventional perspectives as well.   All of the details are here, but highlights included:

  • Lt. General Charles T. Cleveland, who leads the Army Special Operations Command (USASOC), stressed the imperative for his organization to develop partnerships with industry so close that industry understands current and emerging SOF needs and can advance these solutions within the SOF community.  
  • Lt. Gen. Bradley Heithold, who heads the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC), opened his remarks by observing that "Our customer is the enemy... and we deliver violence to that customer."
  • Rear Admiral Brian T. Losey, who heads the Navy Special Operations Command (NAVSOC), stressed the usual need for “cheaper-faster-smaller” systems and particularly the need for “partnerability” to be built into systems where SOF partners, including “less than secure” partners, can use these systems, or variants thereof.  
  • Maj. Gen Joseph L. Osterman, who directs the Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC), spoke of the imperative for his organization to take steps in the cyber domain and to more aggressively exploit social media opportunities.

AUVSI Show News

Future UCLASS requirements pose questions on worth of X-47B

U.S. Army looks towards the common robotic system

K-Max carries out medical evacuation demo

UAV Solutions shows new fixed-wing platforms


Special Operations Forces Industry Conference

SOFIC: International SOF demonstration

Special Ops exercise makes big splash in Tampa

Conference official hints at McRaven's departure

US Special Ops Commanders: We Need ISR in Africa, Comms in Arctic

After Steep Climb, US SOCOM Funds Begin To Slide

SOFIC key for SOCOM suppliers

Commandos to practice in Tampa for international exercise

Israeli Develops 'Pocket Artillery' for Special Forces

Canada Delivers Spec Ops Training to More Allies

AUVSI 2014 News

Key Themes from AUVSI 2014

FAA to fast-track civil UAS approval in certain industries

ArrowLite: Stark Aerospace unveils new small UAV

US Army outlines future UAS plans

DoD envisions broader joint UAV operations

Sikorsky Plans First Flight of Autonomous Black Hawk

UAS set for major agricultural impact


AUSA 2014 Winter

Army Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Present Focus and Future Plans

Army outlines FVL and JMR Focus

Merrill Aviation & Defense Targets Worldwide RWS Market