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Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Jonathan W. Greenertspoke at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) on Thursday, 5 September on the challenges facing the Navy in the sequestration environment and on how the Navy is steering forward.  DSJ was there and summarizes the CNO's comments on funding, force structure, and personnel in this Defense Systems Journal feature.  Among the highlights: 

  • The Navy's "alternate POM" planning may see a reduction in the "Fleet 2020" from 291 ships to 250 ships, with a greater percentage of the fleet deployed forward.
  • Despite sequestration, the Navy's Pacific pivot will advance and the Service's homeporting initiative will see 60% of ships homeported on the west coast.
  • Each and every Navy spending account (save personnel) will likely face a 14% cut from sequestration in FY14.
  • Aircraft carriers remain a key and critical element and the requirement remains at 11 carriers. 
  • By 2020, the CNO expects that the MC-4B Triton UAS will be deployed (likely to Guam) and providing a 2,000 mile sphere of coverage.  
  • Likewise, by 2020, the nascent UCLASS UAS will be providing ISR and strike from aircraft carrier decks.

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